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Tibet’s Secret Temple exhibition presented an astonishing overview of Tantric Buddhist art, showing many rarely seen images, sculptures and manuscripts from museums, institutions and private collections.

When we heard that no catalogue would be printed for this exhibition, we decided to film it as one of our Art Heritage Interviews.

We thus interviewed Ian Baker, the lead curator of the exhibition, about the story of the murals of the Lukhang temple in Lhasa, and learned more about this fascinating time of Asian art history.

We followed him around the exhibition, unveiling, through a precise and comprehensive presentation of its major artworks, the main characters, concepts, historical moments and legendary stories of this barely known practice of Buddhism.

You will find in the header above the link to watch the full length documentary, which is about 75 minutes with complete credits of the artworks and images, as well as the film presented in several chapters, if you'd like to watch it part per part.

We wish you a nice time watching the film.