The Art Heritage Interviews series is meant to provide a comprehensive overview of an art topic, an artist, an exhibition... through a series of video interviews based on artworks.

Art or History may seem irrelevant regarding the current state of issues we are facing as a particular species, but we think that art, beauty and knowledge help to build what makes us human, irrespective of our culture, country or language of origin.

That is why we have started the Art Heritage Interviews series with tantric buddhism, showing magnificent paintings, sculptures and stories from Asia, and will continue to post films about Renaissance drawings, Giant Masks of the Congo and other fascinating subjects, because we believe that the other thing human beings share as much as their excellence for war and destruction, is their extraordinary ability to produce and to feel moved by beauty.

The films we are posting here are free to watch and share, and were financed – mostly – by us. So, if you’d like to help us finance our next films or wish to submit an interesting exhibition or topic, please feel free to contact us.